- Affiliate Program

Affiliate program for automated no-code crypto trading platform

Join the affiliate program and receive high commissions for customers you refer to!
Reward Conditions:

1. 30% commission from every payment for a paid Registration

Example: Your referred user signs up for Trader PRO monthly subscription ($149 a month), you get paid $44,7 every month the subscription is active.
2. $100 for a Qualified user on OKX

Example: Your referred user trades on OKX exchange and is a Qualified user (see below). As soon as he/she reaches a trading volume of at least $2,000,000, you will receive one time reward of $100.
The rewards can be combined! E.g. if both examples are the same user, you would receive both rewards for the same user.
Qualified user on OKX:
Any Regular user (all 5 levels), VIP 1, and VIP 2 users, based on the table: (Tab: Futures and Perp, subtab USDT-M Perpetual), who didn't use any referral code when signing up to OKX
(btw OKX is no-KYC exchange =  it is easy to create a new account).

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